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May 2018 Volume 83, No.9

Teaching Hard History - Adrienne van der Valk / Teaching Tolerance

Helping students learn about the United States’ history of slavery is essential to bridging the racial differences that divide the nation. Four educators discuss how they address this concern.

When Students Assault Teachers, Effects Can Be Lasting - Madeline Will / Education Week

In the 2015-16 school year, 5.8% of teachers in the U.S. were physically attacked by a student and almost 10% were threatened. Teacher victimization has been an understudied and underpublicized concern.

Mini-Observations: A Keystone Habit - Kim Marshall / School Administrator

Frequent, short, unannounced classroom visits by principals, followed by face-to-face coaching, can greatly improve teaching, relationships, collaboration, and leadership.

Free Your Mind: How Students Challenge the Narrative by Challenging Themselves - Milton Bryant / TNTP

Imagine your potential being written off simply because you live in a less-priviledged part of town. A math teacher challenges the narrative by teaching his students to become independent thinkers-—helping them to question everything until they understand the concepts behind the numbers.

Most Pregnant and Parenting Students Don’t Graduate - Kate Stringer / The 74

Rhode Island’s Nowell Leadership Academy is dedicated to graduating pregnant and parenting students fully prepared for college, careers, and family life. Some of its practices could serve as models for high schools throughout the nation.

Treating Your Classroom Like ‘Prime Real Estate’ - Regie Routman / MiddleWeb

Having a well-conceived physical learning space contributes to social, emotional, and intellectual well-being. The author offers advice for creating one.

Fully Realizing the Civic Potential of Immigrant Youth - Rebecca M. Callahan and Kathryn M. Obenchain /American Educator

Schools can take a number of steps to support immigrant students and U.S. citizens whose parents are immigrants—and prepare them for an active role in public discourse.

The Testing Emperor Finally Has No Clothes - Bruce Dixon / Modern Learners

The author calls for a debate on standardized tests led by education leaders instead of politicians and the testing, tutoring, and textbook industries that benefit the most from testing.

Playworks Transforms Elementary School - David Wicklund / Playworks

There is a new push for social-emotional learning interventions at the elementary level. Some SEL methods, such as using games to implement problem solving and building empathy through play, are best taught on the playground.

How Schools Can Benefit from Partnering with Local Businesses - Julia Lowder / American Educator

Partnering with local businesses can benefit both the businesses and schools from elementary through university levels in a number of ways.

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A compilation of articles published in 2017-18, arranged by author and by topic area.