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Education Digest May 2014

May 2014 Volume 79, No. 9

Game Changing in Union City - David L. Kirp / School Administrator

With strategies such as full-day, top-drawer preschool and a literature-filled, word-soaked education, district brings poor immigrant youngsters into the educational mainstream.

Making School a Calmer Place to Learn - Suzanne Bouffard / Harvard Education Letter

When students can cope with frustrations, anger, and get along with classmates, teachers are better able to teach and students better able to learn. Social-emotional learning programs can contribute significantly to success.

Florida Pushes Longer Day, More Reading in Some Schools - Catherine Gerwertz / Education Week

A mandatory hour dedicated to intensive reading instruction added to each school day has produced some strong results, but initiative comes with challenges.

Gains in Teacher Quality - Dan Goldhaber and Joe Walch / Education Next

Has the emphasis on teacher quality led more academically talented people into the teaching workforce or driven talent away? Here are trends in the teacher workforce over the last two decades.

Don’t Get Trapped by Social Media - Heather Ashley / Virginia Journal of Education

Few things can ruin an educator’s career faster than a slip-up on social media. Here’s how to stay on the straight and narrow when communicating online.

Patterns of Innovation - Christopher Brown / Partnership for 21st Century Schools

An overview of the interacting practices and activities commonly found in exemplar schools, which appear to be essential to successful school reform.

The Misdirection of Modern American Education - original article by Alan M. Weber

Staunch teacher advocate and trainer discusses the educational community’s revolt against the standardization of tests and teaching.

Single-Sex Classrooms - Arika Herron / Winston-Salem Journal

Students at a middle school that adopted a single-gender policy are more attentive, engaged, and comfortable participating. What’s more, the new classroom dynamics have sparked a healthy competition that leads to better performance.

Cyberbullying Happens in Code. Break It. - Maggie Messitt / Teaching Tolerance

Cyberbullying is sinking further below parents’ and teachers’ radar as teens use new technology and more creative methods. Here’s info on the latest jargon and “anonymous” apps.

Part-Time Job Program for Latinos Boosts College Success - Gary M. Stern / Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education

The Student Employment Initiative helps students earn money through part-time campus employment, thus helping them to stay in school, maintain course load, and graduate on time.

Book/Media Reviews - Dudley Barlow

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