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Questioning the Questions.pdf

Prakken Publications
$2.95Author(s): Christopher H. Tienken, Stephanie Goldberg

A brief narrative description of the journal article, document, or resource. Well-known historical accounts of questioning used in the education process trace back to Socrates. One of the best examples of his use of questioning is found in Plato's classic work "The Republic" (2003). Today, teachers still use questions as one way to help students develop productive thinking skills and to understand concepts and topics. Questioning, in fact, may be the most frequently used teacher instructional intervention. "Questioning" is a sub-domain embedded in the larger domain of instruction. In this study, the authors sought to investigate the frequency that teachers used productive questions in their lessons to develop thinking among their students. Then they synthesized questioning strategies Pre-K-12 teachers can implement consistently to provide students with opportunities for productive thinking. The authors focused on one part of the questioning realm: the cognitive disposition of questions asked to or directed at students. In this Research Report, the authors describe the types of questions teachers use in the classroom, their frequency, the authors' own study of the use of questions by novice and experienced teachers, and strategies for improving practice.

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