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Shop A New Parent Generation: Meet Mr. and Mrs. Gen X

A New Parent Generation: Meet Mr. and Mrs. Gen X

Prakken Publications

Slowly but surely, Generation Xers have been taking over from Baby Boomers as the majority of parents in elementary and secondary education. In the early 1990s, Gen Xers began joining parent-teacher associations in the nation's elementary schools. Around 2005, they became the majority of middle school parents. By the fall of 2008, they took over as the predominant parents of high school seniors. Today, behold the era of the Gen-X "stealth-fighter parent." Gen Xers are bringing with them a high level of customer-service expectations, strong self-interest and a willingness to apply stealth-fighter tactics. The author, an authority on generational differences, shares his strategies for how schools can adjust to this broad shift in generational attitudes and priorities.

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