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Welcome to the iGeneration!

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Defining and understanding a generation of Americans has always been difficult until years after the generation ends. Although there is universal agreement on the Baby Boomer generation (1946-1964) and most people agree that Generation X started in 1965 and ended around 1979, after that it gets murky. In his research, the author believes that the "Net [Internet] Generation" started in 1980. Others have called this Generation Y, Millennial Generation, and Generation M, but he thinks the defining feature has always been the importance of the Internet in the lives of these children, teens, and young adults. Right behind the Net Generation is the "iGeneration" named after all the devices with an "i"--iPod, iPhone, iTouch, iEverything--plus these children's thirst for any new mobile technology. Children have grown up in an environment where technology is everywhere and much of it is invisible. In this article, the author looks at specific media activities of the younger generation and describes how media use research helps in understanding how best to educate and parent the youth. The author emphasizes the role of educators in providing an educational experience to this generation of media-immersed, tech-savvy students.

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