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March 2017 Volume 82, No. 7

High School Turbocharges Restorative Justice - Jennifer Shaw / The Hechinger Report

Restorative justice—an approach to discipline and conflict resolution that calls for talking through conflicts—shows promise for keeping struggling students in school.

Student Success Built on a Positive School Climate - Liz Warner and Patricia Heindel / NJEA Review

Just as students need to learn to read and write, they also need to learn effective social skills and how to manage their emotions. Here are some ways to help them.

Giving Every Child a Fair Shot - John B. King Jr. / U.S. Department of Education

The former U.S. Secretary of Education gives his view of progress made under the Obama administration’s education agenda.

A Blueprint for Successful Arts Education - Laura Perille / Education Week

Arts education has suffered from years of neglect that has especially affected students of color and those from low-income backgrounds. Some cities are working successfully to counter the trend.

The Wisdom of Mandatory Grade Retention - Brian A. Jacob / Brookings Institution

The policy is popular-—at least among state legislators. But are the costs and benefits worth it? Here are the pros and cons associated with the policy.

Beyond Surfing - DeWayne Harrell / Virginia Journal of Education

Using Google Classroom can help students be more creative and collaborative. It’s also a great tool for getting them motivated.

The One and the Many - Peter Gibbon / Humanities

Should educators treat students as individuals or have the same goals for all? The author discusses the views of two leading educational philosophers, E. D. Hirsch and Howard Gardner.

Responding to Defiance in the Moment - Responsive Classroom

Many educators feel that students use defiant actions to annoy them, but that’s rarely the case. Focusing on the true underlying reasons for behavior helps teachers maintain their cool and respond constructively.

Don’t Say Nothing - Jamilah Pitts / Teaching Tolerance

Silence speaks volumes—and students are listening. We may be uncomfortable talking about race, but we can no longer afford to be silent.

Improving Student Note-Taking Skills - Curtis Chandler / MiddleWeb

Research indicates that note-taking can be an effective, engaging strategy for students to process, organize, and transform information.

The 2016 Election as a ‘Sputnik’ Moment for Character Education - Jon Valent / Brown Center Chalkboard

The vitriolic, divisive 2016 election may create a renewed emphasis on the role of schools in developing students as caring, empathetic citizens.

Engage Students’ Creativity Through Animated Whiteboard Project - Miles O’Shea / Tech Directions

Using video production can be a good way for teachers to generate enthusiasm and motivate students to learn.