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September 2014 Volume 80, No. 1

Trust Me, I’m Your Principal - L. Scott Calahan / Principal Leadership

When great change occurs, such tools as transparency, well-defined expectations, compassion, and flexibility are required to grow or sustain teacher trust.

Tough Times Lead Very Different High Schools to Merge - Ron French / Bridge Magazine

Financial crises are forcing schools to collaborate, consolidate, or close. In a mid-Michigan district, one school was closed and its students—mostly poor, black kids—were bused to a middle class, white school. It wasn’t easy, but the merger has exceeded expectations. Here’s the story.

Seeing the Light—Together - Pamela L. Mink / Virginia Journal of Education

Professional Learning Communities can turn struggling teachers into effective teachers through collaboration and sharing of concepts and ideas. Here’s how the approach is working in Virginia schools.

Drowning in Debt - Sean McCollum / Teaching Tolerance

The path to higher education has become fraught with financial traps—particularly for students of color. Here are tips for educators and counselors on how to guide students through the financial-aid system.

Instilling Resilience in Students of Poverty - Diallo Telli Brown / Illinois School Board Journal

Sometimes, all academic resilience requires is for the teacher to whole-heartedly believe that students can do it.

School Districts’ Role During Off-Campus Tragedies - Georgia R. Durán / School Administrator

In the wake of a tragedy, staff trained in disaster response and recovery can turn a school into “a port in a storm” for the entire community. Here are details on a district’s five-phase process.

Will This Website Save Your Library (and Your Librarians)? - Dian Schaffhauser / T.H.E. Journal

A Virtual Learning Commons turns a traditional library page on a school website from a one-way stream of information into a participatory digital space for students and teachers.

Digital Reading Poses Learning Challenges - Benjamin Herold / Education Week

While digital reading motivates students, it can discourage deeper learning. New ed-tech products seek to support and extend readers’ engagement with the text.

For Most Adolescents, Popularity Increases the Risk of Getting Bullied - American Sociological Association

Report suggests schools foster activities that promote interest-based friendship groups rather than celebrating one activity, such as football or basketball, to help alleviate the problem.

The Economic Story of Higher Education - Angelina Provitera McGlynn / The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education

Unfortunately, statistics show that higher education mirrors the national picture, rather than transcending the nation’s “great divide.”

Improving School Climate and Discipline - U.S. Department of Education

Details on three key principles to help guide schools’ efforts to create more productive learning environments.

Book/Media Reviews - Dudley Barlow