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Book Review

How to Succeed in College (While Really Trying): A Professorís Inside Advice

Even after years of preparation, many students arrive at college without any real knowledge of the ins and outs of college life. They’ve focused on finding the right school and have been guided through the admissions process, but have little knowledge about how college will be different from high school or what will be expected of them during that crucial first year and beyond. In this book, award-winning teacher Jon Gould provides help to students, offering tips and study strategies that will equip them to excel in their new environment. Providing advice on everything from choosing the right major to managing co-curricular activities, this guide will leave students better prepared not only to succeed in college but to enjoy it as well.

Gould is a professor in the Department of Justice, Law and Society and at the Washington College of Law at American University in Washington, DC, so he knows how universities work and understands what works and does not work for students. He explains what professors do and do not do, why famous faculty members at research universities rarely teach undergraduate courses, and why this is not a scam. He gives advice on how students can choose the best teachers, how (and how not) to conduct research, and even where and how to study.

High school guidance counselors should have this book on hand to lend to students who plan on attending college.