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Book Review

Succeeding as an International Student in the United States and Canada

Each year, nearly 700,00 international students from over 200 countries arrive in North America to study. They submit lengthy applications, file for financial aid, cram for standardized tests, consult with their teachers and advisors, and say goodbye to family and friends—just like any other student. But, unlike their peers in North America, they must also apply for visas and passports, purchase additional health insurance, and search for housing and part-time jobs, all the while deciphering a new country’s customs, culture, and language. This book is designed to help international students adjust to life in America.

Lipson, a professor at the University of Chicago, has spent 30 years working with international students. This book is the result of his conversations with these students, a “how-to” guide for anyone who has ever crossed borders to study.

“Some of the world’s best students come to the U.S. and Canada to study,” the author says. “Despite their strong academic backgrounds, they face real challenges adapting to the university environment here. The book highlights five major academic obstacles international students face: mastering English, adjusting to the classroom, learning the rules of academic honesty, expressing their own views in papers and in class discussions, and asking for help. Then Lipson offers step-bystep solutions for these various challenges.